Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pick Already for Crying Out Loud!

I want to be respectful in this political season and allow people the time necessary to process what is, admittedly, a wide gamut of policies and principles. That having been said, we’re down to just over two weeks now.

Are you seriously going to sit there, as some people I know do, and tell me you’re still undecided? Are you going to say to me, with a straight face, that after two years of campaigning, you still haven’t seen, read or heard enough to make an educated decision?

Give me a break! Commit already!

If you haven’t decided on which candidate you’re going to vote for this November, it’s because you haven’t been paying enough attention. In which case, shame on you. It’s probably better that you stay home on Election Day — you’ll almost certainly do more harm than good.

As usual, my vitriol is nowhere near as convincing as The Daily Show’s humor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admit it, I am still undecided (as of Oct. 27th). McCain and some of his antics, but mostly his seemingly irresponsible choice of running mate, has convinced me not to vote for him. So as our bipartisan system dictates, I have only one other choice? I refuse to accept that.

As I understand Obama, I am ideologically opposed to most things he has represented and voted for or against in the past. I love his commercials, and they make me want to run to the polls and vote for him. Yet I won't. I see politicians as well rehearsed, perhaps even good, actors who will say just about anything to get elected. I'll need Obama to prove who he is, and that I can support him ideologically with my vote, but that will take 4 years. I can't change over that quickly.

So should I stay home on election day? Heck no, my single vote for president is, for all intents and purposes, unimportant anyway with our electoral college system, but it is very important for me to vote for the myriad issues that will be attached to the presidential ballot that directly impact my community.


10:20 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

I hear Barr and the Libertarians need help!

10:37 AM  

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