Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Standing Room Only

Is it just me or is the fight for next year's Democratic nomination shaping up to be even more fascinating, compelling and exciting than the race for the Oval Office itself?

It's been a huge week for the Democrats, with several new heir apparents throwing their hats into the ring. Most are of little surprise, though to have their ambitions confirmed instead of merely speculated over is causing quite a stir.

What is perhaps most striking is the abundance of genuine riches gathered on the playing field. In the top three alone, you have some genuine showstoppers.

John Edwards was always the more dynamic and interesting of the failed Kerry/Edwards ticket. Barack Obama is riding a wave of national popularity that is shocking to behold. And Hilary Clinton is setting herself up as the first woman to run for president who also actually has a chance of winning.

Or does she?

I don't know at this point. Sure, the love for her here in New York is palpable, but I am not at all convinced that that goodwill spreads through the rest of the country. Even among Democrats, Mrs. Clinton may be unable to separate the cold, hard persona of her former White House days with her current eyes on the office.

I just don't like her all that much.

Obama, on the other hand....

Is this what our parents and grandparents felt like when JFK made his run for the Presidency? Because that is what it feels like to me whenever the hyper-intelligent, youthful, good-looking candidate stands up and opens him mouth. And I have to admit that I am one of those in awe of just about everything the man is saying. His genuine authenticity is searing. He's one of the single most exciting politicians to appear in my lifetime. That he is, admittedly, largely untried is just about the only thing to give me pause.

At least on the Democratic side, the Presidential race is going to come down, in all likelihood, to a black man and a woman. Are you ready America? You better be?

What is your alternative?

An admittedly equally crowded field of Republican contenders trying with an almost fanatical desperation to get as far away as possible from George Bush and his utterly toxic legacy?

This one is the Democrats to lose...


Anonymous Andy said...

I don't think that it is the democrats to lose. Maybe you're talking with a head full of excitement over Obama...
The republicans have been acting like fat little kings riding in a caged little world. They spent 2 years in congress doing next to nothing but getting richer, and failed to check their own dirty laundry. Then, to continue their own moronic act, they put all of their political eggs in the Iraq basket. Thus, they couldn't tout the economy, even though the economy is going pretty strong, considering the drain from the war and all.
So, the country boxed the ears of the republicans. If the republicans learn their lessons (which isn't apparent yet) then the race will go the whoever puts up the best vision for our country. Having a vision for our country is not the strong point for democrats, they have a lot to prove in that area. That is why I believe that this next election is not the democrats' to lose.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Calvin Wulf said...

Ok, I agree that the hats in the ring from the democrat side are far more interesting than those on the other side. I am most excited about Obama because he offers a fresh and new perspective. Frankly, I am not interested in business as usual from either side at this point.

Our nation is in a quite different place than it was four years ago and I am looking for something new. I mean that on the domestic front as well as the global scene.

The republican side is, well, ho-hum to me at this point. What would you think of a return epic staring The Terminator from California?

4:48 PM  

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