Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Forward

I've always been a huge fan of fall. It's hard not to love a season that turns trees the colors of fire and crisps the air. It is, easily, my favorite time of year.

That said, spring is gaining. The older I get, the better spring gets. The very spiritual significance that underlies the world's resurrection is a beautiful expression of the practical transformation I see going on all around me.

The change is all the more dramatic in an uber-urban environment like Manhattan. There are no fields or hills or horizons here with which to judge the passage of the seasons. One day the canyons of glass and steel are marked with gnarled, organic skeletons and the next their branches are bursting with color and life, birds belt out arias, and human flesh, hidden beneath layers of protective clothing for so many winter months, is suddenly revealed. All of New York seems to awaken, as if from a hibernation, at the exact same moment. We are all drawn from our cold, dark apartments and simultaneously spill into the city's parks as if drawn by powerful, invisible magnets.

As the world is reborn, so am I.


Blogger Beth said...

It makes me think of a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. Winter has been long and cold here in Colorado - I've been enjoying the crisp blue skies and the green starting to emerge. And yes, I feel as you do - it's time for me to emerge as well....

10:43 AM  
Anonymous nate said...

Also? Ultimate Frisbee.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

= ) cool wonderful inspiring

Did you ever read "The Secret Garden"? I read it in 6th grade, just before we moved back to Germany...spring was juuust beginning at our grandparents' place out in farmland far in the intense, incredible experience, that spring, bathed as it was in all the wonder held in that story. : ) : )

Here are some spring images from out here (it starts in January with the acacias; right now, it's the stunning cacti blossoming)~

Daria : )

4:04 AM  

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