Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mr. Deity!

A friend just introduced me to Mr. Deity and I have been laughing uncontrollably ever since. This is the funniest thing since Ask a Ninja.

Hilarious without being offensive, insightful while never straying into sacrilege, "Mr Deity" is like a hidden camera in Heaven. Watch as those high-jinx Trinitarian pranksters Mr. Deity, Jesus and Larry create the universe and wrestle with the birth of evil.

Be there as they come up with the Ten Commandments, or debate the copy-write of the Bible.

See Mr. Deity recruit Jesus to die for humankind's sins, demonstrate the power of prayer and answer the age old question, does God care who wins the Superbowl?

Oh, and let's not forget meeting Lucy-fer or a personal tour of Hell.

The above links all point to YouTube, though I recommend grabbing the fullscreen podcasts at iTunes.

You've got to check these out! The creators hope to soon turn it into a half-hour sitcom.

Mr. Deity, I'm your biggest fan! (Cue Misery theme song).


Anonymous nate said...

Just had time to watch the fantastic (and pointed) first episode - I will watch the rest. Are there only these nine, for now?

Somebody else was making an Office style sitcom set in Heaven, where the office was indistinguishable from, well, The Office, with pasty skin, bad ties and flourescent lights, but people were dealing with issues such as incoming prayers and natural disasters and such. It was also a YouTube grassroots creation, aiming to be a real sitcom, but I forget where I saw it. Mr. Deity seems similar.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! That's some funny shit!

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was stinking hilarious! i am downloading them now. thank you!

6:37 AM  

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