Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Talking Space

On Tuesday, my sister-in-law invited my wife (and her twin sister) to speak to her class of fifth graders about space exploration. Engaging and mesmerizing, Stephanie handled the lecture and the kid’s enraptured questions with all the finesse of a well-trained and well-practiced pro. I sat in a small desk in the back of the classroom, Billy Madison-like, proud and inspired as can be. Who knows? Perhaps some future astronaut will be able to look back to that day and say, "That is when I knew I wanted to work in outer space."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fantastic thing to have done!--there's nothing like passing on a gift like hers to the next generation. = ) And I think it's even spiffier given that she was able to be a model for those kids of a competent woman associated with science.
Daria : ) (very definitely smiling!)

12:53 AM  

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