Monday, August 08, 2005

"Let us talk about the death of kings..."

We don't necessarily choose the people we come to respect, to admire, to emulate. Most of the time something in us sees something of greatness in them and it cries out to be replicated. It is a bond that steers emotion and defies reason.

I have always had such a bond with Peter Jennings.

Peter Jennings died today. It was the cancer. He was only 67.


Anonymous Keith said...

I can't find an email address on your site. I've been working in Burkina, and was browsing the net looking for an email address for Clark Lungren. That brought me to your site - which I confess I have enjoyed - but was wondering if you have any contact details for Clark?

my email is keith at undertheacacias dot org dot uk


8:38 AM  

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