Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pictures of Grace

A year or so ago, my wife and I began attending Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, our first experience in the world of Anglican worship. I have found it to be a generous, enlarging and breathtaking experience, one unequaled in my adult Christian life.

This metamorphosis, not only of soul but of liturgy (celebrating the traditional Anglican Eucharist is a far cry from my Pentecostal upbringing) has inspired a handful of blogs already. Depending on your viewpoint, you'll be happy or horrified to discover that many more are on the way.

On a tangential note, click on the above title to go to Grace's website. A vast majority of the pictures seen there, primarily in the slideshow at the bottom of the homepage, are mine—a photographic addict's compulsion to record in hue and shade the very images and portraits that so color the walls of his heart.


Blogger Tyerone said...

What a breathtaking photo.It makes you feel as if you're somwhere in Europe. Such tranquility.
Brandan V

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Patricia said...


you do nice was enjoyable to watch the slide show...more than i thought. my favorite was the one of the steeple/spire with trees in
both upper corners.

have a great weekend!

love, patricia

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Theron Walker said...


Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Its a joy to walk alongside you on the Canterbury Trail!


4:22 PM  

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