Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pilgrim's Progress

Newsweek magazine has just written a beautiful and sublime article on the Rev. Billy Graham.

As America's evangelist looks towards the final moments of his life, he reflects on what is truly important. What is perhaps most surprising (and may be upsetting to some) is his moderation on so many things—from politics to inter-faith discord to the unplumbable mysteries of Scripture. This is an article about growing old, and about the reflective and softening nature of time's passage. But more than anything, it is a story about an extraordinary life and legacy.

"Others relish the battlefield; Graham now prizes peace. He is a man of unwavering faith who refuses to be judgmental; a steady social conservative in private who actually does hate the sin but loves the sinner; a resolute Christian who declines to render absolute verdicts about who will get into heaven and who will not; a man concerned about traditional morality—he is still slightly embarrassed that he kissed "two or three girls" before he kissed his wife—who will not be dragged into what he calls the "hot-button issues" of the hour. Graham's tranquil voice, though growing fainter, has rarely been more relevant."

To read more of this article, click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, that is so wonderful to hear--about him and the article : )

9:22 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Caught it in the Supermarket checkout line last night. Looks wonderful. Never really thought much about Billy Graham. Now I think he may be one of those to admire...and to miss when he's gone.


5:40 PM  

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