Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy 15th Birthday IMDb!

Every movie, every TV show, every actor and actress and more details than you could ever hope to take in during your lifetime. What used to be the boon of cinephiles like me is now the go-to source for any film question imaginable. Happy Birthday Internet Movie Database!


Anonymous Nate said...

I know, right? I think it was on NPR yesterday (maybe somewhere else) and the dude was all like, "you can find out who the key grip was for any movie on IMDB," and I was all like, Pffft, and dismissively waving my hand. Tell me something I don't know you aging, behind the ball NPR Boomer.

Anymore I'm just too cool for NPR.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Nate said...

It's all relative though. Gen Y'ers are still all up in my face about MySpace, asking am I on it, am I on it? And I say, this is MySpace, dude, and you're in it.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Paul said...

You guys are sick. Seek help, please: http://mentalhelp.net/poc/center_index.php?id=6

And Happy Holidays. Should "Happy Holidays" be capitalized if one is trying to be PC? For those who are not so PC, Merry Christmas and all the rest.

Is there a such thing as Ironic Obsessive Disorder?


11:58 AM  

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