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OK, I lied. I'm back after a break of less than 24 hours. But only for a moment. And without any sort of commentary. I leave you now with a few pretty pictures and one incredible tidbit from today's Politico:

"With unofficial tallies of the popular vote past 64 million (and still counting, as Georgia and other states tally the paper), Obama won more votes than any president in history."

Now the maps (click to enlarge):

This map represents how the country voted when compared to the 2004 election. The redder the area, the greater the shift toward Republicans. The bluer the area, the greater the shift toward the Democrats!

Or, looked at another way, these are the only areas in which McCain did better than Bush did in 2004.

This map shows self-reported ancestory. I include it simply as a fascinating look at this country's ethnic make-up, and how (and where) that make-up voted on Tuesday. Note the matches, especially with those sections from the earlier images showing McCain's strongest support and those same areas on this map showing the ethnic make-up of those who deemed themselves simply "Americans," the dark gray. African-Americans are represented in yellow, Hispanics in red, Germans in pale turquoise and the English in dark blue. The Irish are represented in light green, Italians in dark green and American Indians in orange.

Finally, many believe that Sarah Palin, in the late days of the campaign, blundered when she insisted small town America is the "real America" -- both a political and demographic mistake. False nostalgia aside, it is simply not true. According to census data taken in 2000, just shy of 80 percent of Americans lived in urban areas, a number that is doubtless even higher now. The map above shows U.S. population density. For an even more interactive, if ever so slightly dated map, click here.


Blogger nathan said...

More fun with maps.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Brandon said...

Ooooooooooooooooooh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

1:10 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

"The redder the area, the greater the shift toward Republicans. The bluer the area, the greater the shift toward the Democrats"

Talk about a lot of assumptions...

If we hadn't just had 8 years of Bush having to make some hard decisions (remember 911 and the reasons that we actually went into Iraq - freeing people from a dictator that wanted to wipe out Kuwait, Israel, the US and other democracies off the map and was promoting/ allowing terrorist activity to go on his country), the outcome might have been a little different. It also didn't help that a democrat congress (with lower approval than Bush) made some horrible financial decisions that erroneously were pinned on Bush.

I personally believe that this is a, right of center, country still. We'll see how this guy does and if people are still as infatuated with him next June when we no longer just get to hear him chanting on TV "change change change..." and we actually feel the negative effects of the change in the coal burning power plant industry that he promises to destroy, the drilling for domestic oil that he'll probably stop (higher gas prices again), the higher taxes he'll have to impose on many categories of goods to pay for his pet projects, and the list goes on. I don't believe that all those people on your little map want larger government and more handouts to certain groups of people in this country, and they obviously didn't want gay marriage. They were fed-up with Bush ( truth or rhetoric - they were definitely swayed by the media), entranced by Obama's speeches (he's good with a microphone), and many wanted to see history change instead of just another old white guy that "didn't inspire them enough" in the White House.

I for one don't care if the president inspires me with his speeches as long as he's qualified for the job, is unwavering in the face of national danger/ threats, and reduces government while increasing personal freedoms.

Basically, so far this president elect has been long on talk and short on experience and substance. So how about we not spread around anymore more assumptions about the American people until we see what kind of puppy he's going to buy his little girls and what his first 100 days looks like.

Though I am slightly encouraged to hear that he is considering some Republicans for his cabinet, I again will wait to see if he listens to them or becomes the mis-guided, liberal, micro-manager that I fear he could be.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Brandon said...

It's called math, Matt. It doesn't lie (if done right). Math leads to facts. You may want to check those out some time.

Saying that the Republicans wouldn't have lost if things went better in Iraq is like saying that sex offender wouldn't have gone to prison if only he hadn't raped that 12-year-old girl.

I think, Matt, the time for trying to convert people as to Obama's unworthiness is over. Is will be the president. When he starts screwing up (as he will) then I'm sure you'll be all over him. But for now, the time has come for all of us to shut up, sit back, and let him prove himself.

7:10 AM  
Blogger nathan said...

Good to see the stupid coal talking-point will get some life beyond the last 2 days of the campaign season. I was afraid McCain's supporters weren't going to be given enough time to pick up on and repeat verbatim the latest Palin speech. They are usually on at least a 3 or 4 day lag.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Grinth said...

Any wagers on how long it is before Matt tells us Palin was correct in thinking Africa was a country and the fact "some" choose to label Africa as a continent is simply misguided liberal semantics?

12:17 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

So... Why don't we talk about this "great idea" of naming a holiday after this man that has done nothing so far, except win a popularity contest.

I thought you couldn't have a national holiday until either you were a successful president and/ or you were deceased. Last time I checked he didn't fit either one of those descriptions.

Or, we could talk about that he and "his people" are already talking about that they won't be able to give those 95% of Americans the tax breaks they were promised in the debates because reality is showing that they will have to be democrats and follow their old ways of tax and spend, tax and spend...

Happy Veterans Day !!

2:19 AM  
Blogger nathan said...

Your rhetoric makes no sense. If "reality is showing" that they will have to do that, then... shouldn't they do that?

I'm not for blithely taxing and spending, but your previous comment is an example of the typical idiocy that seems to come out of your keyboard. And who here was talking about a holiday? Are you coming here to argue with people on a different website? At least try to make some fucking sense.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

One issue at a time...

If reality is showing one thing... Then the American people shouldn't have elected the party who stands for and votes for and believes in the exact opposite. I figured you could read between the lines, but I guess I had to spell it out for you. But hey, you were swayed by "change, change, change and yes we can..." so maybe something more complex confused you. I am sorry I'll use the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle more often.

As to the Obama holiday comment, it's been in the media other places and I figured some people that look at this site, occasionally, might also have heard about it and it might strike up some conversation while the site creator is on "hiatus".

So, the other thing that's on my mind tonight is the bad news of now we might still have to deal with Mrs. Clinton in the larger Nat'l spotlight (more than just the senate). She may end up being Secretary of State, is Obama high again/ already ?? I thought he stopped that activity after college or whenever he admitted to that type of "exploratory behavior"...

The next 4 years could be scarier than I feared.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

Yes, yes Matt. Some of us did know what you were talking about but found both the item and your insistence to talk about it equally ridiculous.

And yes, Obama is the devil and the next four years are going to be hell. We get it.

6:10 AM  
Blogger nathan said...

It's news to me that I was swayed by "change, change, change and yes we can..." - but that seems to be one of your typical assumptions.

I'd welcome any debate on policy with you, any at all, you lightweight.

12:56 PM  

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